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Ever felt this way about your game?
Ever felt this way about your game?


Hi Everyone, I am Brian and I have been an aspiring golfer for nearly 20 years.

During this time I have had good outings, cut some strokes, bad outings, added some strokes… in what seems like a roller coaster ride of performance. I have watched and tried numerous techniques while lifting myself out of hack status. I am certainly no PGA level player, but I have learned to “manage” my game – I know many of you know what I mean.

The reason I created this site was to help others like yourself create a better level of golf for your enjoyment! Like many golfers out there, my life and work will not be on the PGA tour, thus my erratic play schedule and game to go with it. But, we have to work to support our habits.

In order to do this I am going to share my personal experiences with you and what I have discovered and researched over the years through my “experiments” to play better golf. I hope this will help you navigate the flood of information and resources out there.

I do ask one thing of you – that if anything I say or discuss interests you, all I ask is that you engage and get involved within my site. I enjoy talking about anything golf equipment, retailers, clubs, advances, technology, scoring, the tour, players and more, if you have anything interesting to add or share feel free to speak up as I thrive on feedback. I don’t know about you but, I have found that depending on where you live you will have more or less resources.

So now to me…

I am currently in my early 40s. According to my handicap, well it is a good use of the word when it comes to my golf game. I have shot in the 120s (when I started playing) and have flirted with being in the upper 80s.

I am an ex-jock who played all the wrong sports in preparation for a career in golfing. My first love was playing football. I played basketball, baseball and tennis as well. None of these prepare you for the mechanics for golf – at all. In these sports I could always impose my will on the game by muscling my way through. This is where golf is counter-intuitive. You muscle (try to kill the ball) you don’t improve your stroke, accuracy, distance or score. In fact, everything in your swing breaks down and you might as well try the #Happy Gilmore running at the ball approach.

I believe golf is great for me because, nothing else in my life has prepared me for it and it presents a constant (welcomed) challenge. Besides it makes for a great walk in the woods, sometimes in the sand or water, down a street and every else you can imagine hitting a ball – like in the backyard of someone who lives on a golf course. Just make sure you say hi and don’t skinny dip in the pool while your there.

Hopefully, we can succeed together in our quest to Better Golf and along the way if you need feedback or support regarding golf information or resources, I would be happy to connect.

Just leave me a comment below and visit my site regularly as I update it frequently with ideas, resources, spaces, places, innovations and information that I come across and I know you will find of interest.

Just the same, I wish you all the best in your noble quest for a Better Golf game! In fact I am looking for a better golf game right now!

See you walking off the 18th green,



Founder of Better Golf


email. brian@bettergolftoday.com

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