Keep the Driver in the Bag!

Driver in the Bag?

We do it all the time, especially on the first tee if we can. We pull the “big dog” driver out to get right off the tee and look to get 250 to 300 yards down the fairway. Then something happens, most high handicap golfers end up sending the ball off the tee wide left or wide right – our spray day has begun!

The tee box view

Did you ever stop to think what would happen if you went to the 3 wood instead of the almighty driver?  Most golfers at all levels consistently hit a 3 wood better than their driver.  Yes, I too have gotten all those mail and internet offers for that one driver that will forever change my game and straighten me out so I hit the fairway every time – still looking for that magic stick!

So maybe in the meantime I’ll give up the 20 or more yards I would get with my driver for the greater chance of hitting from the fairway on my second shot and go get that all to elusive birdie!I know all to well what it means to be hitting from the rough and how it can easily add a stroke to a hole or two.

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