Muscle Memory Tips for a Better Golf Swing

Muscle memory is about programming your muscles to make consistent movements through repetition for better golf today. For all of us this takes a golf-directionaldifferent amount of time, based on your body type, age, athleticism and of course time to practice. The good news is that we all can achieve this in our golf swing. To play better golf today doesn’t mean we need to swing countless times at the golf range. In fact, here is a tip, hitting 150 or more balls can actually hurt your muscle memory due to fatigue and muscle flexibility that can actually change your entire swing as well as contact angle. Instead try this tip, focus on your golf swing form and the consistency of speed with form that you can repeat time and again for effective golf practice. More importantly, the fact that you can repeat the same golf swing on the course is vital and this will also lead to better golf fitness.

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5 thoughts on “Muscle Memory Tips for a Better Golf Swing”

  1. I totally get you on the hurting your muscle memory. At one point I was driving reasonably well. When it came to the big shots I usually went for direction and position rather than distance.
    However, I changed strategy and started to go for distance. My game began to disimprove, but as it got worse I started to intensify my efforts to get distance. my game fell apart for well over 6 months until I had to hire a coach to find out what was going on. He took me to the driving range and pinpointed the problem within minutes. He got me to shorten the distance and slowly but surely my game came back. He then educated me as to how I could increase my distance gradually, over time, and without the intensity.

  2. I totally agree. Gentle repetition can make a big difference to your muscle memory. It is the same throughout any exercise or sport.

    If you keep doing the same thing the body gets used to it and that is why when exercising for fitness the professionals encourage you to do different exercises to reduce muscle memory and promote better results.

    Great tip.

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