Your swing dictates everything, so, we all need to dictate our swing in golf. The art of the swing is to create a constant and repeated motion for consistency.

Here you will find helpful insights on how to take your golf swing up a notch, from keeping your head in position to club face control.

Typically everyone approaches their swing like this:

(1) Grab a few clubs, starting with the driver, maybe one middle distance iron (such as a 5 or 6) and then a short wedge – maybe a pitching wedge or even a 9 iron. Maybe you even buy some new clubs.

(2) You head out to the golf range and get a bucket of 50 or 100 balls.

(3) Then you start knocking balls around, usually with the driver first, trying to get consistent on distance, trajectory and direction.

(4) In less than 15 minutes you find that you cannot repeat the same ball flight more than 3-4 times in a row. Now you start adjusting your back swing, then your grip ever so slightly, then focus on the club face at impact, etc…

(5) Then we go play a round and try in every way to recreate that feel, motion and contact we had at the range on our best swings.

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