Simple Ways to Better Golf Today

Tip 1: Know Your Clubs

Know your clubs and how well and far you hit them. Whether you make use of Taylor Made, Callaway, Nike, Cleveland, Ping, Adams, Arnold Palmer, Ben Hogan, Cobra, Wilson, Hireko, McGregor, Tommy Armour, Titleist, Krank or others, you must learn distance control. Take note of your tendencies, which clubs you consistently hit best and your swing feels the most natural. This will come in handy when you have that off the fairway shot or when you have a tricky distance to manage.

Tip 2: Align the Club First

The next time you are on the course and are setting up for your next great golf shot, make sure you align the club face behind the ball to directly set up at the target. Do this before ever getting into your stance. You may even step back behind the ball first just to get a fuller perspective of the entire fairway and hole location. This even works when putting after your have read the green first of course. If you need assistance with this consider golf alignment sticks, such as the brands David Leadbetter, Callaway and Maxfli just to name a few.