Better Golf Backswing and Rotation for Power

Let’s just say maybe you are not 25 anymore and your flexibility has diminished just slightly, ok maybe more than slightly. If you are like me and you have other athletic pursuits, for me I lift weights. No, I don’t lift to look like Mr. Universe and my football playing days are long behind me so there is no need to get big. I have just found that I can maintain some kind of condition so I can continue doing a lot of sports I enjoy such as golf and not have to call the paramedics the next day when I cannot move from being so sore. Essentially, the weight training develops the muscles but, they become less flexible and restrict my movement.

Moving right along…

Here is a little trick I taught myself some years ago as I found I was not getting enough rotation and range on my golf swing. Often times, I would really get a hold of a tee shot or fairway shot and struggle to duplicate it. What I realized was that if I could lengthen my backswing then it would maximize my power to equal greater distance.

To improve and better my rotation and backswing I made some slight adjustments…IMG_0705

To increase rotation of hips and body for follow through and better distance bring  your feet slightly closer on address. If you try this make sure you give yourself some practice time before hitting the course as although it is subtle, it will speed your swing and you may find yourself a little quick on the ball and hitting a pull.

Additionally, you may find yourself adjusting ever so slightly as well your distance from the ball at address.

As with most adjustments you have to go with trial and error – good luck and hit it straight and long.